What’s a craft brewer?

A small, independent, traditional brewer. One with passion for the beer they produce. Someone who puts the quality of the product first, takes their ideas, their dreams, their tastes and with no compromise designs beers to realize them.

So who’s a crafty brewer?

What does a craft brewer do if they don’t own a brewery? A crafty brewer borrows one. That’s how First Chop Brewing Arm was born. I currently brew using a borrowed two and a half barrel brewery in Bury. My very own brewery is being designed and built as we speak and will be opening in Salford June 2013.

How about my beer?

I only use the finest quality Maris Otter malt and the best whole hops. I love hops, well you have to don’t you?  Anything I can do to get all the flavour and aroma out of my hops and into your beer, I do. I’ve spent many years listening to my customers talk about beer (I’ve sold real ale for 10 years now) and many more drinking the stuff. I’ve learned the way of the hop and I like to think I know what makes a fantastic ale. I hope you’re going to drink some and agree. Someone agrees, my beautiful hoppy blonde, AVA has been awarded ‘Beer of the Festival’ in the up to 3.6 category at the first CAMRA beer festival to feature first chop brewing arm beers – the CAMRA Bradford Beer Festival!

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